Many students are not interested in reading the Bible. They think that it is irrelevant or old-fashioned, and the Bible is unreliable. But it is through Scripture we know and learn about Jesus.

How can we help students encounter with Jesus and the Bible?

Mark Drama!

Drama Mark is one of the answers to this question! Students invite their friends to come and see a show about the life of Jesus.

The Gospel of Mark in 90 minutes

Mark Drama is a theater of the Gospel of Mark, in other words, the “faithful adaptation.”

Without costumes, props or professionals. The group “actors” consists of 15 people.

Each event in the Gospel of Mark is presented. And just like in the Gospel, the action is dynamic, everything happens quickly. The unusual thing is that during the show, viewers will hear almost all the words of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. So it is a very powerful experience for both Christians and seekers of God and reflecting on Christianity.

How does this happen?

The scene has a circular shape around the rows of chairs with three passages (theater-in-the-round). The action takes place not only in the middle of the circle (main stage), but also in the aisles between the rows and for the audience. Allow customers to feel that they are directly involved in the scenes, rather than to look on from a distance.

Mark Drama involved 15 patients (7 women and 8 men) with a church or group of students that for 6 weeks memorize the sequence of events of the Gospel of Mark with the help of materials that they will pass. For its part, we will send the director , who will teach the actors and perform 3-day trial to present. Then you can arrange 2-3 shows.

“Who is this, that even the wind and choppy water obey him?” (Mark 4:41). Let us help others discover Jesus, and so also we we will go deeper.

Mark Drama creates a fantastic opportunity and the ability to evangelize!