This short, 10min video gives you a helpful introduction to the Mark Drama, including testimonies from actors in the UK and some sample scenes during rehearsals.

“As someone who had the humbling honour of portraying Jesus in the Mark Drama, I must say that I am surprised at how easy it is to memorise both the content (order of events) of Mark’s Gospel and the words of Jesus. I have memorised lines from many theatre productions, but none has had lasting value like memorising the content of The Mark Drama, because its script is the Scriptures themselves! ‘The Word of God is living and active’ (Heb 4:12), and Paul describes it as ‘the sword of the Spirit’ (Eph 6:17). All the while as we thought we were preparing for a drama, we were really preparing for walking with God in closer fellowship and service. The Mark Drama definitely was an instrument God has used to light a fire in me and many other members of our team to learn and memorise more scripture.” – an actor who played Jesus in the UK.

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