Please pray with us

God’s word is powerful to reveal his authority, justice, glory and grace. We trust that not one of his words will return to him without doing what he has purposed (cf. Isaiah 55). But we do need lots of prayer that his people will be bold and courageous to speak his words and proclaim it in truth (cf. Eph 6:19, Col 4:2-6).

If you would like to partner with us, please sign up to receive our regular news and updates. Hear about upcoming performances, and pray that many will come to see the Mark Drama and discover that Jesus really is the Son of God.

Please support us financially

We do not charge churches or Christian groups for The Mark Drama. All our directors generously donate their time and efforts, but we do ask hosting Churches and Christian groups to pay their director’s travel expenses (normally one return-trip for the rehearsal-performance weekend).

It typically costs us between $300 to $500 to put on a Mark Drama production, especially if the director needs to come from interstate.

Mark Drama Australia also trains directors, manages this website and the co-ordination of productions right across the nation. We also hope to setup a Subsidy Fund so that we can subsidise churches and Christian groups who would struggle otherwise to put on a production.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact us.