PRESS RELEASE: Productions postponed until September 2020






Mark Drama Australia has made the difficult, yet easy, decision to postpone productions nationwide until at least September 2020. It was an easy decision to make for many reasons: government restrictions of large meetings are continuing, most churches across the country are only meeting online and the risk of infection is too high to justify putting on productions. But yet it was still a difficult decision to make as the Mark Drama Australia team believe strongly in the value of the Mark Drama in sowing gospel seeds.

There is much uncertainty in our world at the moment. But we have the certainty of Christ’s authority as revealed in the Bible. We are praying for Christians all across Australia and beyond, that God will continue to use them at this unusual time to spread his good news. While we hope to partner with churches and university groups in putting on productions very soon, we are confident that God’s word continues to be proclaimed by his people. More than ever we are convinced that this world needs the good news of the Kingdom of God.