Life sown in Springwood

Nestled on the shady edge of the NSW Blue Mountains, Springwood is blanketed with blossoms and bulbs in these greening spring months. But earlier this year, as the autumn leaves turned to brown, eternal seeds were sown…
“I first heard about The Mark Drama from my daughter who saw the production in Orange last year. I love creative ways of sharing the gospel! Springwood Anglican has a really energetic, committed congregation of young people, so I thought some might be keen to be part of it. Our Senior Pastor was supportive, so I took the plunge and became the Producer. Praise God for his faithfulness – Hundreds attended our two performances in March. God answered our many prayers for the cast’s memorisation, and we were just thrilled that the Gospel was communicated so clearly.” Judy 
“When I first heard about The Mark Drama, I was eager to be involved. Initially, it looked like an exciting event! But the weeks leading up to the rehearsals were a little bit daunting. Learning the sequence of events in Mark’s Gospel was not easy! However, as rehearsal time approached I improved in my recollection of the details. God’s word is now written on my heart!” From an actor.
“There were moments of challenge for me as part of the cast. Being the centurion beside Jesus on the cross was extremely moving. I had tears streaming down my face. And the challenge of acting out the brutality of the trial scene before Caiaphas and Pilate was quite confronting. Finally, I truly appreciated our Director’s style in directing and coaching the cast. I don’t think I have ever met someone so encouraging and helpful for myself and others in unfamiliar roles.” Warren Irwin
Of the hundreds who came to see The Mark Drama in Springwood, many were struck by the goodness of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners.
“Thank you for your work and effort. It was stark, edgy and confronting. Christ did suffer for us… I felt so unworthy… I was sitting near the ‘cross scene’ – WOW.”
“I just wanted to thank you, your staff team and the organisers of The Mark Drama for an amazing experience last night. It was a challenging and moving experience. It is so important to see the Gospel presented in various ways so we do not become settled in the message we have heard so many times.”
On Sunday night, I attended The Mark Drama. I would like to thank you deeply for putting this on – not only for the growth of those who follow Christ, but also for the attendees who do not know much about Jesus. It was so incredible and spirit moving in how the gospel was brought to life.”
May God use the words sown to bring fruitful life to those in Springwood and beyond.