The Mark Drama in Melbourne!

The Mark Drama returns to Victoria next week as a team from the University of Melbourne puts on two performances.

Last year, the Mark Drama was performed across Melbourne and Geelong. We asked some of the actors from these productions to share their thoughts about how the productions went:

‘The Mark Drama helped me view Jesus more as a real-life person… I’ll always remember the scene when Pilate is asking what Jesus has done wrong, only to have everyone shout back to crucify Jesus. Knowing that Jesus was perfect but seeing the hatred in others which caused his death was really confronting. And Jesus willingly endured it! He was punished unjustly and he could have avoided it, but stayed because of his love and compassion for us, for me… Afterwards a young woman approached me to say how it made the story seem more real to her too!’


‘Two friends of mine said they left loving Jesus more… They left all the more hyped up to tell people about Jesus!’

“I got to talk to people about the Mark Drama to my friends who came for weeks afterwards! People were so impacted by it and I thank God!’

Melbourne  friends, make sure you don’t miss out!

Performance times:
Tuesday 16/04/19 7:00pm
Wednesday 17/04/19 7:00pm

Junior Common Room, Queen’s College, College Crescent, Parkville

$10, book now to ensure a seat!