Mark Drama productions resume… slowly

Last year only one production of the Mark Drama went ahead across Australia, compared to the 25+ in 2019. As COVID restrictions begin to lessen, we are hoping to return to our pre-pandemic performance schedule.

The Steering Committee of Mark Drama Australia made the decision to halt productions of the performance until social distancing was lifted according to local state/territory allowances. While the restrictions have not yet fully lifted, two productions are going ahead, with the necessary COVID safety plans in place.

Dubbo Presbyterian Church will be performing the drama on the 27th and 28th of March, followed later in the year by a Moore College Production on the 30th of April and the 1st of May. Both productions will follow strict COVID-safe plans and have limited seating.

Decisions regarding productions are being made state by state, in line with different restrictions. We are hopeful that we will see productions resume in all area of Australia soon.

If your church or Christian organization is interested in putting on the Mark Drama, please contact your state director listed below.

New South Wales (and the ACT):

Paul King (NSW Co-ordinator):

South Australia:

Ben Woodd (SA Co-ordinator):


Dan Weaich (VIC Co-ordinator):


Pria Wahyudi (QLD Co-ordinator):

Western Australia:

Rosemary Thorburn (WA Co-ordinator):

For the Northern Territory, and all other enquiries contact…

Jeanette Chin (MDA Secretary):