‘It brought the gospel to life for me’: Reflections from a Plus Team member

Naomi recently was part of the Plus Team for the Mark Drama – this is a super important group of people who take on various rolls in the performances – could be everything from an extra disciple to a widow, from Pilate to a fig tree!

Please read and be encouraged by Naomi’s reflections here as a Plus Team member of the Orange Evangelical Mark Drama.

To tell you what I got out of the Mark Drama requires telling you a little about how I came to Jesus.

Most of my life I didn’t know Jesus, then 3 years ago I came to church. It started with a curiosity. I wanted to know more about this guy called Jesus. Frankly that was about all I knew about Christianity. I went head first into learning. I said yes to everything including reading so so many books. 

Then on Good Friday 2019 as I sat listening to the death and resurrection, all that I’d read came to my mind and I was struck by the suffering Jesus went through and that he chose to do that willingly for me. All the knowledge went from my head to my heart and I believed. I knew with certainty what the bible said was true.

As I’ve been a cast member I’ve been struck by the realness of it all. What it must have been like to be an everyday Jewish person and for Jesus to come on to the scene like he did, I’ve been struck by the humanness of the disciples. Even as an extra disciple I found it moving to sit at the feet of Jesus and feel the authority and nature of Jesus come through. It helped me feel a stronger connection to Jesus than before.

I found it deeply challenging and moving to be a disciple yet later to call out “crucify!”. At points I forgot I was acting and began to really mean it. To follow that up as the weeping woman at the tomb….every single time I was that woman I had raw actual tears.

It has been an incredible experience. What the Mark Drama has done is bring the gospel to life for me in a way I don’t think it could have even being an audience member. It has given me a greater confidence in the gospel and reminded me that there are many religions but only one can truly give us salvation and a restored relationship with God. It made me cherish how precious our salvation really is. And really appreciate again the cost it took to win it for us too. 

If you asked me would I recommend being in the cast, I would absolutely say yes.

A highlight for me was getting my anti-Christian family to come and that they enjoyed themselves. They see Christianity as pointless and of no worth to their lives. I hope and pray the performance has had an impact on them and that one day they might come to trust in Jesus. For me getting them to come wouldn’t have been possible had I not been in the cast and with such a clear and easy presentation of the gospel, it’s a wonderful opportunity to evangelize to them in a non-threatening way.